Hoian La Siesta Spa

Relaxing Moment PRICE (VND)
A range of 30-45 minutes’ packages if your time is limited

A choice of:

* Head, neck, back & shoulders 45’
* Head, neck, back & shoulders 30’
* Foot Rest Massage 30’
Facial Treatment PRICE (VND)
Basic Facial Care: 45’

A reviving facial including a deep cleanse and moisturizing using finest skin care products.

Natural Skin Dream: 60’

This signature facial has been described as an experience in its own right. Using only natural and organic products, this all-in-one facial treatment cleanses, soothes, nourishes and balances one’s skin leaving it radiant and glowing.
A choice of two masks to best suits you:

* Yoghurt
* Seasonal fruit (depends on the time of year)

Lenient Vietnam Care: 60’

Vietnam is one of the leading rice producers in the world. You may be surprised to learn that rice also plays an important part in traditional Vietnamese facial care, in the form of a “rice bran” face mask. This is a perfect way to experience how Vietnamese women traditionally have taken care of skin. Rice bran slows down the appearance of wrinkles and helps rejuvenates ageing skin.

Collagen Royal Therapy: 60’

Collagen helps to make your skin both firm and elastic. It reduces skin pigmentation and wrinkles while lightening skin tone. Combined with a gentle massage, you will feel refreshed and relaxed.

Body Massage PRICE (VND)
Swedish massage: 60’/90'
675,000/ 950,000

Traditional Swedish massage using aromatic oils. Gentle, soothing massage techniques remove tension and balance emotions. One of the main goals is to relax the entire body as well as improving blood circulation and easing tension.

Relaxation treatment: 60’/90'
750,000 / 1,030,000

Using strong massage techniques combined with essential oils. This treatment focuses on specific and key muscle groups to relieve aches, pains and to de-stress. Rhythmic movements of this aromatic massage will nurture your creative energies and wellbeing. The overall effect is to balance your body’s system as well as your mind and spirit.

Hot stone Massage: 60’/90'
810,000/ 1,075,000

Hot stone natural massage therapy places warmed smooth stones on certain parts of the body to bring about therapeutic benefits. The stones’ heat and weight warms up tense muscles. In addition to muscle relaxation, hot stone massage brings pain relief and improves blood circulation.

Himalayan salt stone treatment: 60’/90'
850,000 / 1,150,000

This special therapy uses a blend of pure essential oils and natural salt rock crystal formed 250 million years ago from an ancient sea beneath the Himalayan Mountains. A combination of healing massage technique and warm salt stone balances the central nervous system. It brings about a sense of peace and deep calm. Other benefits are soothing muscle and joint ache, distressing, and detoxification as the healthy minerals are infused into the skin.

Herbal therapy: 60’/90’
900,000 / 1250,000

This comprises traditional local Vietnamese herbs and spices to create the basis of a really gentle massage treatment. The secret blend of herbs and essential oils will balance your mind, body and spirit. Meanwhile, this massage technique encourages blood circulation and soothes aching muscles.

Foot Care PRICE (VND)
Essential Oils Foot Therapy: 60’/90’

A combination of massage and essential oils will give your legs and especially your feet the tender loving care they deserve. Experience overall healing and wellbeing as we focus on your feet’s pressure points through deep tissue massage, in a similar way to reflexology, while the essential oils will help make your skin soft and smooth.

Foot Remedy: 60’/90’

This traditional Foot Massage is a perfect remedy through the use of a hot stone massage applied to one’s legs and feet. Feet can typically take a lot of heat. So, a combination of pressure massage on one’s legs and feet with warmth generated by the hot stones placed on top of one’s feet, brings about a sense of relaxation, clears away blocked capillaries while balancing your body and spirit.

Total Foot Treatment: 75’

A “facelift” for your feet! This treatment combines traditional foot massage with scrubbing away dead skin giving your feet a new smoothness. Total care for your feet as well as creating energy for your entire body.

Body Scrubs PRICE (VND)
A deep cleansing and exfoliating treatment using mineral sea salt or natural ingredients to remove impurities and dead cells, while stimulating blood circulation. Experience a variety of fragrances:
Passion Fruit & Salt body scrub: 45’
Dead sea salt & olive oil body scrub: 45’
Coffee & Orange body scrub: 45’
Body Wraps PRICE (VND)
The power of natural vitamins and minerals is harnessed in a range of effective body treatments. All our body wrap treatments contain healing ingredients leading to exceptional skin calming and hydrating effects.
Fresh milk & Mud: 45’
Fresh milk & Seaweed: 45’
Extra Pampering PRICE (VND)
Sauna : 20’
Herbal bath : 20’
Steam : 20’
Jacuzzi : 20’
90 minutes Package PRICE (VND)

If you would love more than one treatment but your time is limited, we have combined two of our favorite and most popular treatments into great value for money 90’ packages.

The Pamper package : 90’

* Hot stone body massage
* Refresh Facial

The Cloud 9 package : 90’

* Hot stone body massage
* Foot care

La Siesta World Packages PRICE (VND)
1. Forest Package –2hrs

The fertile forests of Vietnam lend themselves to the best type of honey. And we also give you the most amazing effect of honey in this spa package of 3 therapies. A blend of fresh milk, natural fruit and honey is the basis of removing dead skin. Followed by foot and facial treatments you will feel both relaxed and rejuvenated.

  • Seasonal Fruit & Honey Body Scrub (45’)
  • Foot rest (30’)
  • Basic Facial (45’)
2. Ocean Package – 2h45’ 

Includes essence products of the ocean – Salt stone and Seaweed, perfectly blended to bring you an unforgettable therapy. Followed by a natural refreshing facial to energize your whole body.

  • Salt stone body massage (60’)
  • Dead sea salt & olive oil body scrub (45’)
  • Nature Skin Dream (60’)
3. Sky Package – 3hr35’ 

‘Sky’ is the imaginative way we like to call this treatment. The “sunburn wrap” enhances the skin’s self-healing properties. Followed by a special Swedish massage and Vietnamese traditional skin care, we aim to make you feel on cloud nine.

  • Steam (20’)
  • Hot Stone Massage (60’)
  • Foot total treatment (75’)
  • Lenient Vietnam Care (60’)
4. Earth Package – 3hr20'

Through this package, we aim to give you all the best things that the Lenient Earth gives us each day. The blending of herbal essence, precious Wood Oil, coffee, fruit and even mud is the warmest way to bring energy to your body and soul.

  • Herbal Bath or Sauna (20’)
  • Relaxation Body Massage (90’)
  • Coffee & Orange Body Scrub (45’)
  • Fresh milk & Mud Body Wrap (45’)
5. Blissful La Siesta Day – 4hr05'

An unforgettable package only found at La Siesta Spa. Start with a Herbal massage, using local traditional herbs, followed by a Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub. Then enjoy a royal collagen facial therapy and Foot Rest therapy making this a complete package for your entire body.

  • Herbal or Sauna (20’)
  • Herbal Therapy (90’)
  • Dead sea salt & olive oil Body Scrub (45’)
  • Collagen Royal Therapy (60’)
  • Foot Care (30’)
*A traditional gift is included in all La Siesta World packages